FPP Episode 11: Elliot Taylor – Navigating S&C Myths

Elliot Taylor EPP11

About this episode

We kick this episode off with Elliot, squashing some of the myths surrounding fighters and strength and conditioning.

Combat sports are synonymous with strength and resiliency, and many have traditional methods of developing this in athletes. While martial arts have progressed, so has the science and research that surrounds them.

Coaches might be up to date on the advancements within the sport, but it would be a hard ask to expect everyone to be up to date with the science and application of strength and conditioning. It’s a unique and multifaceted topic that’s continually progressing.

Many athletes are deciphering the fact from fiction and commonly face outdated ideas and opinions of the misinformed. In this episode, you will get perspective from an experienced strength and conditioning coach working with fighters.

This has to be one of the funniest episodes yet!

Guest Bio

Elliot has had a long career in high-performance sport, as a strength and conditioning coach for professional fighters, rugby league players and other athletes.

He works with Paramatta Eels Rugby League as a strength and conditioning coach for upcoming professional rugby league players. He also works at Athletes Authority, a private performance facility for athletes.

I bumped into him after a training session at Athletes Authority and thought we had better get him in the studio at AEONA. After a laugh and exchange of stories, we thought there was a need for an episode drawing attention to some of the misconceptions, myths and old traditions of combat sport.

In this episode we discuss…

  • Athletes’ preconceived expectations of strength and conditioning
  • Influence of social media on athletes
  • Embracing expectation for best result
  • Mental resilience and training methods
  • Wearing shoes on the wrong feet
  • Going backwards to go forwards
  • Chasing force and speed
  • Performance models and replicas
  • How has strength and conditioning advanced?
  • More injury resistance and backing up fights
  • Identifying the needs of an athlete
  • Priming sessions and recovery before the competition

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Instagram: @elliot_taylor.snc

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