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About Fighters Performance

Head coach Mark Brewer has competed at the highest level of martial arts. He is a five-time national Judo champion and represented New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games.

His fighting career saw him train and compete for over ten years on the world circuit, and he now shares his knowledge with select clients as a fully qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has completed a Diploma in Fitness and gained internationally distinguished qualifications with ASCA, EXOS and Poliquin Group.

As an elite athlete chasing the Olympic podium, Mark suffered various painful and preventable injuries, which limited his achievements. These hurdles are a big part of what shaped his dedication to helping other combat athletes overcome the challenges that limit their success.

Fighters Performance champions the fighter. We want to give the everyday fighter the resources, guidance and support only ever previously available to elite athletes.


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Each week we share the secrets from the world’s leading performance coaches, athletes and fighting community. Get real advice. Hear their tried and tested methods.

Mark Brewer & Jose Da Rocha interview leading fighters, including; Jonathan Bailey & Richy Walsh, Matt Wall, Glenn Stuart, Justin Lang, Liam Plunket, Warren Rosser, Cameron Rawston, Daniel Lowry, Gary Hermansson.

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