FPP Episode 12: Meer Awny – Developing power through rotation

Fighters Performance Podcast
Meer Awny talks about developing strength qualities essential for fighters in combat sports

About this episode

As fighters, we are constantly pivoting, rotating, circling and fighting for position in a fight or match. Nothing is as simple as straight forward or straight back in any combat sport.

The most recognised fighters harness strength qualities through rotation to release the knockout punch, finishing throw or most effective transitions into lethal submissions. Becoming stronger in combat sport will involve training the muscles that contribute to these movements within the gym.

Meer shares his experience as a strength and conditioning coach solely dedicated to the development of fight athletes.

Guest Bio

Meer Awny is a Strength & Conditioning Coach from Sydney, Australia. His work is primarily centred on combat sports athletes, ranging from amateur levels to national competition; across a variety of martial arts.

Meer has travelled the world to better his development of the ‘fighter’ and improve himself as a coach. He has spent time with multiple UFC fighters and learnt from some of the best combat sports performance coaches in the field.

In his spare time, Meer likes to attend coffee tastings, travel and practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing.

In this episode we discuss

  • A hierarchy of importance when developing strength qualities through the rotation.
  • Where and when rotational work should be introduced to your program.
  • How to periodise programming, a peak for events, and incorporating ballistic exercises in preparation for competitions.
  • Progression of exercises in the rotational ballistic continuum
  • Prevention of injuries due to the introduction of complex ballistic exercises.
  • Basic exercises you can start with to improve your anti-rotation strength, stability through range and power through complex rotational movements.
  • Where is this industry going?
  • What place do strength and conditioning coaches play ten years from now?

Links and Resources

Instagram: @Meer_Awny

Ethos Performance Website

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