FPP Episode 7: Warren Rosser

Podcast Warren Rosser

A champion’s legacy starts as soon as they hit the mat – The earlier the better!

Warren Rosser OAM has contributed a lifetime to the development of Kids Judo programs. He has a designed a program that develops kids into athletes from the age of 3 years.

Judo is an extremely dynamic sport which requires performance attributes such as coordination, stability, core strength, bump education, and many more. Arguably some of the most demanding. 

When kids can develop these attributes early they set up a strong foundation of strength and an understanding of the movement that supports them throughout their sporting career – wherever that may take them.

He has received well-deserved recognition for the UNSW Kids Judo program here in Australia. Awarded an Order of Australia for his contribution to the community and his own sporting achievements. He has also been invited to Japan, the origin of Judo to lecture on the development of young Judoka at Universities.

We are lucky to have him on the Podcast! Enjoy.


Your host, Mark Brewer