FPP Episode 1: Fighters Performance Podcast Introduction

Mark Brewer and Jose Da Roche

Do you want all the guidance, resources and support to train like a professional fighter?

You probably think professional strength and conditioning coaches keep their winning formulae to themselves and reserve it for that top 1% of athletes that are backed by million dollar teams. 

It’s not true.

Those coaches in the fight community are incredibly driven to see the success of fighters, but until this time their hasn’t been an opportunity or a way to support hundreds, thousands or millions of fighters around the world with their knowledge. 

But they now can, with Fighters Performance Podcast.

I believe in bringing those performance coaches together, passionate about the fight community to share what they know for the betterment of the fight sports.

This podcast introduces the hosts of Fighters Performance Podcast and their passion for change in the industry. The goal is to give strength and conditioning specialists, coaches and the fight community a platform to share their knowledge and experience to achieve your best possible performance in fight sport. 

Many fighters like myself when I first set eyes on the Olympic Games aren’t privileged to the information necessary for an athlete to train like professional athletes, which is why I aligned a career in Strength and Conditioning with my ambitions of sporting success. 

I hope this empowers athletes to think for themselves and guides them to the professional resources necessary to train professionally.

This special episode introduces you to the why and how…..

Your host, Mark Brewer