Build strength, better your endurance, burn fat and make yourself hard to kill

This is your opportunity to get the results you’ve been working for.

By training more specific to your goal, and taking a more science backed approach to your training you can get more out of your body. Physically and mentally.

Do you ever wonder why some people remain more HTK than others?

Here’s the secret. They train differently.

Let me explain: there’s a big difference between just ‘working out’ and ‘training’. Keep in mind these training sessions are tailored for your strength and conditioning needs and your specific activity.

This could save your ACL or even prevent the next niggling injury.


The biggest question on your mind is, ”how can I get the best results with the least amount of time spent in the gym, so I can maximise time spent improving my sporting skills?”

Most people come to me because they are confused. They believe they’ve tried everything and know what works and what doesn’t, but they’re sick and tired of those old workouts that once “worked for them”. There is so much misguided and conflicting information out there, which doesn’t get them much further in the pursuit of their goals.

That’s why everything we do, has a purpose that serves the overall goal to the best effect. “Minimum dose, maximum effect”.


Today, you can begin training for the benefits you truly deserve, or you can continue ‘working out’ for those results you’re still waiting for.

  • Strength, power and speed
  • Reduced likelihood of injury
  • Optimised body composition
  • Improved cardiovascular system
  • Better muscular endurance
  • Energy levels Stability and range of motion in joints
  • Improved posture and position
  • Coordination and movement efficiency
  • Develop a strong functioning core
  • Belief in your body and ability
  • Save time and unnecessary fatigue

Your Coach


I’ve been working on this for over 15 years.

Early in my career as an athlete my education in sports performance was aligned.

My goal was to wear the Olympic Gold around my neck. After spending years competing around the world and experiencing many of the worlds best performance institutes in combat sport I retired my own aspirations to share my expertise with others.

It took me years to find the best version of myself in the highest level of competition, but I took this pursuit even further, taking many of the best performance courses to their highest level. I continued toward a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and I will not stop here.

I put this insight, knowledge and experience into consideration when creating programs for my clients and I want to share my 15 years of experience with you.

Online Programming

Now, you can have this level of individualised approach to training that really does get you results in your arena. When signed up for online training, you’ll have access to the level of resources, guidance and support of any questions professional

Here’s what you’re going to get...

  • Individualised programming
  • Designed for your level of experience and training needs.
  • Delivered to give you the best guidance and training support videos.
  • A science backed approach to methods of strength and conditioning.
  • Warm-ups specific to mobility and performance demands.
  • Tracking results specific to you and your training goal.

If you are ready to get real performance results with the work you put into your training, then click this button below to get access to Online Programming today.


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Results guaranteed or your money back.


“His programming broke down the movement and mechanics required for my sport and implemented exercises to take my athletic ability to the next level.

All my weaknesses were taken into account and we focused on strengthening them while building a very solid strength and athletic base. Mark’s guidance in the weight room has had a significant impact on my martial arts, and now I can trust my strength and conditioning to back up my technical ability in any situation, against any opponent. My progress speaks for itself.
I’ve put on a significant amount of muscle, so I’m bigger, but I feel better, stronger and faster than I’ve ever been. My body composition beyond anything I thought possible and I’ve become so much harder to kill. I’ve far exceeded all of my goals.”

- Thomas G

“I have known Mark since working as a junior coach in the same facility. He has given many seminars, sharing his skill, experience and education with the team for us to better understand our training. At every end of training seminars or conversation, he would always talk about "Staying hard to kill!", which I related to. After coming out of an abusive relationship when I was 21 years old, I decided to train myself so that I could protect myself. As a result I decided to train with him and now I have been following his programs for over two years. His effective communication has helped me to understand my training, techniques and motivation, which has kept me on track with my training. He is a fantastic coach, and genuinely cares for his clients.
These training programs were enjoyable because he has introduced different exercises into the training programme in every new period of training and it is still focused and working towards my goal. This training has transformed my past trauma to a positive change for me. Training has taught me to observe the pain, to understand, learn, then gain from it.”

- Annabelle N

“I’ve been training with Mark for a substantial amount of time and the knowledge bombs he drops still amaze me. He has a wealth of knowledge on topics like nutrition, mobility, technique and training ethic, which he willingly shares. His professionalism and dedication has been outstanding. I’m currently training for my first Powerlifting competition, something I thought I’d never gain the confidence for, and I attribute much of my success to his training. I always look forward to my sessions with Mark as I know that every session will work towards building the foundations necessary to achieve my strength and fitness goals. I highly recommended Mark to all my family and friends who are willing to exceed their training goals.”

- Tane J