FPP Episode 10: Gary Hermansson

Gary Hermansson
Gary Hermansson

Do you have a fighters mindset?

Dr Hermansson introduces us to some concepts of sports psychology and we chat about it’s relevance to fight sports.

– 5x Olympic Games sports psychologist.
– 5x Commonwealth Games sports psychologist.
– Acclaimed Sports Psychology Author.
– A long career working with professional and semi-professional athletes.

Everyone is striving for an edge and, as physical preparation and skill level even out, mental performance is the deciding factor. We are always told that the mind is 70, 80 and 90% of performance outcome and yet we are given very little training in this area. Psychology coaches are reserved for the top tier of professional athletes.

We are privileged to have Gary on the show and we hope everyone can take something away from this discussion and consider more resources – I’m thoroughly recommending Dr Hermansson’s book, ‘Going Mental in Sport’.