Build strength, better your endurance, burn fat and make yourself hard to kill

This is your opportunity to get the results you’ve been working for.... while at home!

Covid-19 hasn’t been business as usual for anybody - This has been unchartered territory and it’s understandable that many of us are feeling anxious about what comes next, but…

You must still wonder what the difference is between those that fail and those that remain HTK?

Here’s the secret. They don’t let their circumstances get the better of them.

Let me explain: Just because you have limited equipment available to you, doesn’t mean your training sessions can’t be tailored for your strength and conditioning needs. This will not only be more beneficial for your body and goal, but also save you a time surfing Instagram for the latest ‘workout’ trend. These don’t last, and nore do the results.

Taking a structured approach to ‘training’ will get you ahead of the pack, and keep you there.


At Fighters Performance, we have been doing all we can to ensure our clients continue to excel regardless of their current circumstances.

For customers, generally - Here’s what we have heard from you:


  • “I’m still progressing, even with limited equipment. It’s awesome!”
  • “Blown away at how much I could achieve from the comfort of my backyard or local park.”
  • “I’ve gained more confidence in some of the fundamental movement patterns, and I’m continually surprised at how much these have improved.”
  • “I’ve found it so much easier to get consistency and find routine through my day.”
  • “This has really opened my eyes. I’ve been building strength, while only using bodyweight exercises. I thought it was impossible!”



The outstanding feedback from fighters and others who have been consistent with training over this time has been a surprise, even to us.

  • It saves them time. There is no travelling, or waiting for machines or equipment. 
  • It’s low cost. There are no gym fees or expensive equipment needed. 
  • Workout anytime. You can exercise on your own schedule, no matter what time of day or night. 
  • Go at your own pace. There is no pressure to keep up with anyone else around you or push yourself beyond what’s necessary. 
  • Privacy. You can work out without the nagging eyes of others. 


You can still train specific to your goals, take a science-backed approach to your training, and get solid results.


The biggest question on your mind is, “How can I get the most out of my program, with the bare-bones equipment I have at home?”

Most people give up on working out because they haven’t got the time. They believe it’s too much of a struggle to make it to the gym around work commitments and find it difficult to keep a strength and conditioning routine. They’ve most likely tried ‘working out’, but failed to get the results and this makes it hard to justify. 


That’s why everything we do has a purpose that serves the overall goal to the best effect. The principles of science are the same, but our approach will be a little different.

Your Coach


I’ve been working on this for over 15 years.

Early in my career as an athlete, my education in sports performance was aligned.

My goal was to wear the Olympic Gold around my neck. After spending years competing around the world and experiencing many of the worlds best performance institutes in combat sport I retired my own aspirations to share my expertise with others.

It took me years to find the best version of myself in the highest level of competition, but I took this pursuit even further, taking many of the best performance courses to their highest level. I continued toward a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and I will not stop here.

I put this insight, knowledge and experience into consideration when creating programs for my clients and I want to share my 15 years of experience with you.

'At Home' Online Programming

Now, you can have this level of individualised approach to training that really does get you results in your arena. When signed up for online training, you’ll have access to the level of resources, guidance and support of any questions professional

Here’s what you’re going to get...

  • Targeted programming for you. 
  • Designed for your circumstances and training needs. 
  • Professional guidance and support videos.
  • A science-backed approach to methods of strength and conditioning.


If you are ready to get real performance results with the work you put into your training, then click this button below to get access to ‘at home’ Online Programming today.


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Results guaranteed or your money back.


“I have been sticking very closely to my Fighters Performance home programs over the past few weeks since lockdown and believe it’s been extremely beneficial for me.

I still work very long hours, where I am extremely active, so I’ve found home programs a lot easier to consistently complete. The commute to the gym is hard to get motivator after a long day. It’s been very user friendly, without the necessity for any machines or other pieces of equipment. Blown away at how easy it was to do all of this in the comfort of my own backyard or at the local park.

It has incorporated strength, cardiovascular, agility and mobility into a very easy to follow training plan. When the time comes, I’ll be more than ready to jump straight back on the mat. I’m feeling performance ready.”

- Jack G.

“After finding out all the gyms were closed due to Covid-19 and all equipment was sold out online, I had to look at alternative training options. I’m lucky Fighters Performance had ‘at home’ training programs available, and I could continue training with the same focus I had prior to the lockdown.

I’ve been following them consistently for a month now and still improving on my strength and conditioning over this time. I’m surprised I’ve been able to continue progressing with such limited equipment available, it’s awesome.”

Tracy L
- Tracy L.

“My Fighters Performance ‘at home’ program has given me a great framework to keep accountable to my own training. My progress and momentum has been a direct reflection of my input, and with this program it’s been easy to maintain consistency and stay motivated.

I’ve come a long way toward where I want and need my core strength to be in such a short amount of time, and I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in functional aesthetics. I feel so much better when I hold myself accountable to 1% better each and every day. It's been great for mind and body.”

- Dr Israel L.

Today, you can begin training for the benefits you truly deserve, or you can continue ‘working out’ for those results you’re still waiting for.


  • Improve strength, power and speed
  • Reduced likelihood of injury
  • Improved cardiovascular system
  • Better muscular endurance
  • Heightened energy levels
  • Stability and range of motion in joints
  • Improved posture and position
  • Coordination and movement efficiency
  • Develop a strong functioning core
  • Belief in your body and ability
  • Save time and unnecessary fatigue

“For a start, I found it hard to motivate myself, to be honest, but I stayed consistent. It was just so easy to follow and complete, so I kept completing it.

I miss the deadlifts and squats. I thought it would suck not having a bar and I looked everywhere to buy one, but they were all sold out. Regardless, I’m loving the training, as it’s dynamic and specific to grappling.

I still find it crazy how you can build strength using only body weight. It really opened my eyes. I thought it was impossible. Following the tempo of the exercises has been a game-changer, I’m building a strong foundation and improving on movement quality.

At times like these, it makes you realise how important it is to have someone with the experience of Fighters Performance writing your training program.”

Rafael M.

“The programs have been outstanding, and I’ve found a big improvement even without equipment, focusing on exercise form and tempo. The combination of higher repetitions and exercises like hip bridges and single-leg work which are less familiar have helped me gain more confidence in my technique and improved the quality of my movement.

Bodyweight exercises which have especially targeted the glutes and hamstrings are really helping to strengthen some of the chinks in the armour, which I felt were always weak. I can feel this throughout my ordinary day.

I’m really happy with my progress, and I’m looking forward to taking this foundation I have built at home and adding more load in the gym. I have gained more confidence in my movement patterns and I am so surprised how much can be achieved with basic equipment like bands!”

Chris O.